Why I joined the ELC – Sandy MacDonald

Why I joined the ELC – Nick MacGregor
September 10, 2021

I joined the Environmental Liaison Committee because the owner of Northern Pulp wanted to reopen the pulp mill if the concerns of the community were addressed. As a former employee of Northern Pulp and a lobster license holder in the Northumberland Strait, I witnessed the many mistakes made in the company’s initial attempt to replace their effluent treatment facility.

Like many people with ties to Northern Pulp, I live in Pictou County and want the cleanest air and water for my family and neighbours. I also draw a living from the very water that Northern Pulp wanted to discharge treated wastewater. For my investment, any treatment facility has to be the absolute best to protect the future of the fishing industry.

I felt that it was important to be a voice for the community and do my part to ensure that the company was addressing the concerns of the people in Pictou County and surrounding areas. In Northern Pulp’s first attempt to gain approval for a new treatment facility, I witnessed animosity, rage, and division in the community and set out to make sure that the company understood everything that people did and did not like about Northern Pulp.

I will not support the company if they are not willing to engage with stakeholders and the general public to inform and fully explain the project. The community has been through too much, and has suffered many social wounds that may never heal. I want a community that is comfortable and at ease with having Northern Pulp in our lives.