Why I Joined the ELC – Kim MacLaughlin

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November 4, 2021
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January 26, 2022

I joined the Environmental Liaison Committee by chance, another member had to leave, and he suggested I should take his spot. At first, I was apprehensive and unsure; my emotions were still all over the place. I was still so angry and bitter over losing my job and stressed because I was still afraid of what my family’s future would look like. I was lost and needed something to give me a purpose again. I wasn’t sure what I could possibly bring to the table.

Although, after I attended my first meeting, I realized it made me feel better because I was there to help find a possible solution. However, I had no idea what that was; but for me joining the committee was cathartic and helped me feel like myself again. I stayed because I feel it’s important to have a voice for my children and grandchildren as well as the community. Nova Scotia needs jobs but not at any cost. I would like Northern Pulp to be the kind of company we all can be proud of. I would love to see Pictou County grow and prosper and be the sort of place new industries want to come and start their business. I need the community to heal, and I want jobs for my children so they don’t have to leave, I think we can do both and I want to ensure that what happened in our community never happens again.