Why I Joined the ELC – David Parker

What is Effluent? – Presentation
September 27, 2021
Why I Joined the ELC – Michael van den Heuvel
October 12, 2021

When I heard of the formation of the ELC l was motivated to join to have real input into a reformed mill and into better forestry practices. The current crisis creates opportunities. From the start, I have spoken in favour of the best mill that world-class science and world-class engineering can deliver, in short, a world-class mill.

Also, the Lahey report has provided a path forward toward better forestry practices. This crisis is providing a time for reflection and consideration of how to better manage our lands. Sustainable forest management requires viable markets for the lower grade material. A new clean mill is the best option. Without a refitted mill there is no future for the Lahey report. I passionately believe that this is our best opportunity to make meaningful reforms in forestry.