Three generations of forestry family visit the ELC

Peter Duinker Engages with ELC
March 24, 2022
ELC Third Interim Report April 2022
May 6, 2022

Three generations of the Carter family from Cumberland County chatted with the ELC through an informal Q & A on the evening of March 30th.

The Carter family have been involved in Forestry for over 55 years. Aubrey Carter spoke of the good old days – a lot of which were very hard, cutting trees with chainsaws. The Carters were among one of the first to become mechanized due to lack of men wanting to use chainsaws anymore.

Over their many years in business, the Carters have employed several people and have contributed to the local economy.

Today, two of Aubrey’s grandsons are running the Company under the watchful eye of their father Darrin Carter, and of course, their grandfather who is still engaged with the business.

Cody and Justin Carter have big boots to fill with the new challenges and opportunities that are happening in the forestry sector today and are proud to continue the family business.

The ELC listened attentively as the Carters explained their work and were surprised at how many skillsets and financial investments are required for this kind of work.

Many thanks were extended to the Carter family for attending our meeting.