Independent group identifying solutions to transform Northern Pulp

February 2021 Interim Report
February 1, 2021

ABERCROMBIE, NS Jan. 18, 2021 – An independent Environmental Liaison Committee (ELC) comprised of individuals from the local community, forestry, fishery, labour, environmental science, and business backgrounds are working on recommendations that they hope will transform Northern Pulp’s operations and strengthen relationships within the communities the company operates.

The volunteer ELC members have met weekly since Oct 2020 to identify and discuss issues and concerns with Northern Pulp’s operations, propose alternatives to existing practices or previously proposed solutions, and identify and recommend solutions for a modernized world class mill with progressive forestry practices. The full mandate of the ELC is included at the bottom of this release.

Some of the committee’s key concerns include water consumption, effluent and receiving water quality, odour, stakeholder engagement and forestry practices.

An engineering firm is providing technical guidance and support to the Committee as it prepares an initial report on potential solutions to address identified stakeholder and rightsholder concerns. The outcome of the Committee’s efforts will be made public.

Over the next several months, the ELC will make other recommendations covering many aspects of Northern Pulp’s operations from forestry practices through to community engagement.

The ELC members include:

  1. Mr. Marshall Bateman
  2. Mr. Stuart Beaton
  3. Mr. John Boyd
  4. Mr. John Carruthers
  5. Mr. Jack Fraser
  6. Mr. Sandy MacDonald
  7. Mrs. Kim MacLaughlin
  8. Mr. David MacMillan
  9. Mrs. Julia MacMillan
  10. Mrs. Kathy McMullen
  11. Mr. David Parker
  12. Dr. Michael van den Heuvel
  13. Mr. Andy Thompson
  14. Mr. Kevin Thompson

The ELC wants to ensure the concerns of stakeholders and rightsholders are clearly understood and addressed in the potential proposed solutions and will be reaching out to individuals and groups who have previously expressed concerns about Northern Pulp’s operations. Groups or individuals interested in contributing to the process can send their concerns and possible solutions to

To ensure the ELC’s autonomy, employees of Northern Pulp and Paper Excellence Canada have presented to the ELC but are not involved with Committee meetings. Northern Pulp is supporting the ELC by providing financial resources for a facility rental, retaining an engineering firm, and other items as needed. Committee members volunteer their time and are not compensated for their involvement.


“We’ve all approached this with an open mind and are working hard to evaluate concerns and develop recommendations for the mill’s future. While we don’t represent the whole community or all stakeholder groups, we are taking their concerns into consideration and are hopeful that our work will lead to a more informed ETF and mill modernization proposal by Northern Pulp that addresses stakeholder issues.”

David Parker

“I’m pleased that I agreed to volunteer my time to participate on the committee. We are a group with diverse backgrounds and beliefs that likely would never have had these important discussions about the future of the mill and our community.”

Kim MacLaughlin

“The fibre industry is pivotal for a carbon neutral future in the long term. With best available technology and forestry practices, low or no impact mills are now operating throughout the world. It is rewarding to see a committee taking leadership to achieve this attainable goal.” 

Mike van den Heuvel  

“It’s easy to be a naysayer. It’s a whole lot tougher and more critical to find common ground in conserving the environment and creating forest products we all use every day. This exercise may very well set the benchmark for all of Nova Scotia and Canada.”

David MacMillan

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