ELC Members, Family and Friends Tour 5th Generation Woodlands

ELC Third Interim Report April 2022
May 6, 2022
ELC sits down with Canadian Forest Industries Magazine
October 26, 2022

On a cool overcast Sunday morning in May, many ELC members found themselves driving to Tatamagouche for a day of teaching and friendship on the McMillan Woodlands.

Upon arrival, the members hopped on a hay wagon and began the 3-mile journey to see many different forest management prescriptions. The Woodlands toured are FSC certified and have been managed for many decades.

The first stop was to see a working family circular sawmill that is making custom orders for many locals. Other stops described shelterwood, strip cutting, pre-commercial thinnings, commercial thinnings, plantations, and tree pruning. There was much talk about restoring the Acadian forest and how that was being done on this landscape.

The day ended at the family woods cabin in a Hemlock forest, for a lunch that included food from local vendors. A great day was had by all.