About Us

The Environmental Liaison Committee (ELC)

An independent, community-based committee.

We are comprised of individuals from the local community, forestry, fishery, labour, environmental science, and business backgrounds. Working to better understand stakeholder issues and concerns with Northern Pulp’s operations.

The ELC wants to ensure the concerns of stakeholders and rightsholders are clearly understood and addressed by Northern Pulp and have been meeting with and reviewing input from the public. In April 2021, the Court overseeing Northern Pulp’s Companies’ Creditors Arrangement Act (“CCAA”) proceedings approved the volunteer members of the ELC becoming an independent, standing advisory committee. Reporting to the Court-appointed Monitor, Ernst and Young, the ELC will, among other things, attempt to identify, review and prioritize potential environmental, forestry, marine, and community engagement issues and solutions related to Northern Pulp’s operations, and monitor Northern Pulp’s plan for a mill restart.

The ELC’s current role is to engage in dialogue and receive feedback to ensure Northern Pulp is listening to what was being said by stakeholders and rights holders.

ELC Members

OThe ELC consists of individuals with diverse backgrounds and views on Northern Pulp’s operations throughout Nova Scotia, and at the mill site. The Committee members do not represent any stakeholder groups specifically and are volunteering their time as individuals.

  • Marshall Bateman
  • John Boyd
  • Nancy Dicks
  • John Carruthers
  • Jack Fraser
  • Jack Lewis
  • Sandy MacDonald
  • Nick MacGregor
  • Ian McKay
  • Kim MacLaughlin
  • David MacMillan
  • Julia MacMillan
  • Kathy McMullen
  • David Parker
  • Dr. Michael van den Heuvel
  • Andy Thompson
  • Kevin Thompson
  • Dan Campbell